Genetic Testing

Research has shown that if your family has a history of colorectal cancer, you are more likely to develop this disease. Although there are screening tools such as colonoscopies to help identify colorectal cancer, most patients aren’t screened until they reach age 50 or have had symptoms requiring a colonoscopy. Fortunately, advances in DNA research and genetic testing have identified hereditary colon cancers and diseases caused by specific harmful gene mutations.
Working closely with local genetic counselors, FCRS is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases that impact the colon and rectum. - Early identification is important to treating colorectal cancer. - Genetic testing can confirm or rule out the presence of harmful gene mutations. - Genetic testing can be performed at any of our office locations.
- A small saliva sample or a blood draw is all that is required. - Results are available between 2-3 weeks.
- A large portion of genetic testing costs are covered by insurance plans. - Optional payment plans are available if needed.